Recently, there has been an onslaught of negative information from the CDC regarding vaping, e-cigarettes and the dangers that it may bring to ones health.

According to a recent press release from the CDC, 215 e-cigarette and vape users in 25 states have been struck by a serious lung disease, since August. That number does not include cases still under investigation. And at least three people have died from the disease linked to vaping.

With this information, the CDC has issued guidance urging people to stop vaping immediately, until a further investigation can specify exactly what is causing these sicknesses.

However, Tampa Bay vape shop owner Mike Cherub, owner of South Tampa Vape, is fighting back. Cherub insists that vaping with reputable products is still much safer than smoking cigarettes. He says those in the vape business believe black market products could be to blame, and feel the CDC’s recommendation is bad for business.  Mike says this…

“You’re telling my customers to go away and not do this anymore? So what should they do, go back to regular cigarettes?”

I think the obvious answer to this dilemma is that the better option is to just, stop smoking and vaping altogether.

Admittedly, the CDC hasn’t yet found a specific substance linked to all cases. And many of the reported patients are young and admitted to vaping THC. For that reason, Cherub speculates black market products could contain the substances that are making people ill.

This is why Cherub, (and other vape store owners) question where kids are getting these products they use, and what exactly are in those products. Cherub remains confident that every product he stocks is a safe alternative to cigarettes.

This is an issue that will continue to be investigated… and we will keep a close watch. However, I still say the best bet is to abstain from it all. Right?

Source: News Channel 8

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