(Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Jamie Veronica of Big Cat Rescue took pictures at the Miami Airport this morning as a huge crowd of media gathered waiting for the three rescued circus tigers from Guateamala to be unloaded off the airplane. Meet 3 year old Kimba and Max and Simba, who are 9 years old. Kimba, Max and Simba were part of a circus act in Guatemala until a law banned animals in circuses in 2017.

It was an organization in Los Angeles that reached out to rescue the performing tigers and give them a forever home at Big Cat Rescue. The tigers were flown to Miami this morning and will now make their way to Big Cat Rescue. Kimba, Max and Simba will each have their own enclosure complete with swimming pool, soft grass and everything a tiger could want. They’ll also be getting a Butterball Thanksgiving Turkey and a Christmas Tree. Life is good! I love happy ending.


Max could barely keep his eyes opened.

Posted by Jamie Veronica - Big Cat Rescue on Monday, November 25, 2019