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TAKEHARA, JAPAN - FEBRUARY 24: A tourist feeds rabbits on Okunoshima Island on February 24, 2014 in Takehara, Japan. Okunoshima is a small island located in the Inland Sea of Japan in Hiroshima Prefecture. The Island often called Usagi Jima or "Rabbit Island" is famous for it's rabbit population that has taken over the island and become a tourist attraction with many people coming to the feed the animals and enjoy the islands tourist facilities which include a resort, six hole golf course and camping grounds. During World War II the island was used as a poison gas facility. From 1929 to 1945, the Japanese Army produced five types of poison gas on Okunoshima Island. The island was so secret that local residents were told to keep away and it was removed from area maps. Today ruins of the old forts and chemical factories can be found all across the island. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

All “pocket pet” adoption fees will be waived at the SPCA Tampa Bay starting June 23 until June 30.

Never heard of a pocket pet? Pocket pets are anything from guinea pigs, bunnies, parakeets, or any other furry friend that can fit right in your jacket pocket.

The SPCA Tampa Bay website says that no appointments are needed, but they advise to check out which pets are available online before heading to the shelter. You can see available pets here.

Farm animals are not included in the waived fees. The SPCA Tampa Bay limits two pets per household.

You can find the SPCA Tampa Bay shelter at:

9099 130th Avenue North
Largo, Florida 33773

Shelter Phone: 727-586-3591

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