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Johnny Depp spent lots of time filming scenes at Southgate Shopping Center in Lakeland.

Movie buffs can now experience the Tim Burton world right here in Tampa Bay.

Sharon and Joey Licalzi have only owned the “Scissorland” house for less than a year, but it’s becoming quite a popular destination spot for ‘Edward Scissorhands’ movie lovers.

Now, you can visit the house that was the setting for the 1990 film starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. After the Licalzi couple bought the home last year, they have decided to open up the home as a free museum.

As you can see above from the @official_scissorland account on Instagram, the outside of the house has a fully decorated yard with an arrangement of plants, and the color of the house is bright blue. This definitely gives off a Burton-y feel to ‘Scissorland.’

Suburbia Scene

Edward Scissorhands


On the inside, the Licalzi’s have set up an assortment of the film’s merchandise, memorabilia, and even original wallpaper.

Sharon told WFLA that she plans on getting autographs from the star himself, Johnny Depp.

As far as future plans go for the house, the owners plan on hosting movie screenings when the whether becomes a bit cooler outside.

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