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Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Jon Knight and Joey Mcintyre of New Kids On The Block attend a Press Conference for European reunion tour dates at Hotel Dorint Sofitel on July 9, 2008 in Munich, Germany.

The Mix Tape tour with NKOTB, Rick Astley, Salt N Pepa and En Vogue comes to Florida in July. The bad news for Tampa area “blockheads” is all three will require a road trip because Amalie Arena is not on the itinerary. The first stop will be at the Jacksonville Vystar Memorial Coliseum July 8. The next night the tour heads south to Fort Lauderdale for a show at FLA Live Arena on July 9. Then the closest show to us will be at Orlando’s Amway Center on July 10. Since all 3 will require traveling and a hotel room, maybe go all in and see NKOTB in their hometown of Boston the week after on July 15 at TD Garden.

Is it worth the road trip?
Check out the 30+ song set list for the tour and you tell us! It’s possible that there could be changes but it’s quite unlikely. Tours like this are timed to the minute and stay pretty consistent because changes complicate all the work they do behind the scenes.

  • Block Party

    The New Kids on the Block take the stage first with this song created for this tour a few years ago. It features cameos by Salt N Pepa, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and Naughty By Nature, who were all featured on the tour that year.

  • My Favorite Girl

    One of the New Kids’ oldest songs.  They often started their 80s concerts with this song from Hangin’ Tough.

  • Dirty Dancing

    From the old to the new, Dirty Dancing was a song the group released when they came back in 2008.

  • Summertime

    Another one of the “newer” New Kids hits.  Don’t worry.  The classics are still to come.

  • Cover Girl

    One of the first hits the “Kids” (who are all about 50 now) had back in the ’80s.

  • You Got It (The Right Stuff)

    Get ready for a set change as En Vogue is about to take over.  But first this classic NKOTB favorite.  You can still see that leg swing dance from the MTV music video can’t you?

  • The Whisper

    One more New Kids song before they take a breather.  It’s one you may not know as it was from 2013.

  • My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)

    It’s En Vogue’s turn to hit the stage.  This ’90s jam is a Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party favorite to this day.

  • Free Your Mind

    In this world of 2022, the lyrics to this song have never been more relevant.  Free your mind and the rest will follow.  Be color blind. Don’t be so shallow!

  • Together Forever

    It’s Rick Astley’s turn.  You’ve gotta wait to get Rick Roll’d … THAT song will come later in the night.

  • It Would Take A Strong Man

    One of Rick’s lesser known hits from 1988.  It actually broke into the Top 10 in America, but most remember his two big hits… not this one.  Maybe a bathroom break opportunity? lol

  • New Kids Medley

    The New Kids return to the stage for their second set with a quick medley of some of their B-sides like House Party, New Kids on the Block from their first album, Hold On, Full service, a cover of Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack and one of their most underrated songs… a dance jam from Step By Step album… Call It What You Want.

  • Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) / Twisted

    The New Kids’ spin on the Eurythmics classic.

  • Remix (I Like The)

    If you’re more of a fan of the New Kids of the 80s, sorry… this is another one from the “newer” generation of NKOTB material.  With shows like this when 80s and 90s bands get back together, they make much more money from the new stuff since so many of them had bad record deals back in the day.

  • None Of Your Business

    Salt-N-Pepa take the stage for the first time with this banger!

  • Expression

    Another highly-underrated Salt-N-Pepa jam!  Express yourself. You got to be you and only you baby! Ya know life is all about expression.  You’re only living once and you’re not comin’ back so express yourself!  Way better than Madonna’s version if you ask me!

  • Let's Talk About Sex

    One of those misunderstood songs of the 90’s.  Salt N Pepa were trying to do some good by releasing this song, but many just looked at the title and misinterpreted the meaning.

  • Shake Your Thang

    My favorite SNDP Salt-N-Pepa jam.  Do whatcha wanna do!

  • Whatta Man

    One of Salt-N-Pepa’s last big 90s hits.

  • Don't Let Go

    En Vogue returns with this great song that really shows off their incredible vocals.

  • Please Don't Go Girl

    Look for the “B” stage as Joey McIntyre belts out the New Kids’ first monster hit from the ’80s.

  • Games

    The New Kids on the Block got frustrated with critics and came up with this “in yo’ face” response after the success of Hangin’ Tough.

  • Tonight

    I’m going to be honest.  Probably the most annoying song ever created.  I did a standup comedy routine about this exact song when I was in a high school talent show.  I goofed on how lazy the group’s record company was. This song was just a regurgitation of their previous song titles.  It was one of those songs they cranked out as fast as possible to squeeze out as much cash as they could before the New Kids fan base got tired of the group.

  • Never Gonna Give You Up

    Rick Astley comes back to the stage for one more set with his big one.

  • Cry For Help

    Odd to me that Rick would end his night with this one… it was a lesser known ballad here in the U.S.

  • Shoop

    Salt-N-Pepa will do this one on that B stage I mentioned.

  • Push It

    You know Salt-N-Pepa have gotta do the big classic. Push it real good!

  • Hangin' Tough

    The New Kids signature song gets mashed up with Queen’s “We Will Rock You.”

  • Bring Back the Time

    All of the performers join together on stage for this one.