With the cost of real estate sky high, many here in the Tampa area are tempted to sell and start over somewhere else. COVID-19 and working from home changed a lot of mindsets. If you could work from anywhere, why not go somewhere cheaper or more in tune with your lifestyle? Channel 8 reports a record number of people have quit their jobs over the past year so they could just up and move to get away.

Of the top 20 cities Tampa residents are moving to, only 2 are out of state… Atlanta at #16 and New York City at #19. So where are those who are ready to leave Tampa moving to? Below is the list of the top 10 Florida cities where residents from Tampa and Clearwater are sending the U-Haul, according to a report they got from Stacker.

  • 10. Gainesville

    Maybe if you are a Gator, it’s like a homecoming for you. The “New American City” is growing fast just like it is here in the Tampa area and longtime locals are unhappy with the influx of new residents.

  • 9. Ocala

    I’d imagine just wanting to get out of the hustle and bustle is the big appeal here. I’d miss living by the beach.

  • 8. Daytona Beach

    I spent a few days in the area last year for a concert. I guess if you’re a NASCAR driver, there’s probably more job security there. Otherwise, I can’t see a single reason one would choose Daytona over Tampa. Yeesh.

  • 7. Melbourne

    I prefer a sunset over a sunrise and I’d miss the Florida west coast sunsets, but ya gotta pay the bills I guess.


  • 6. Cape Coral/Fort Myers

    Shows that once you live near the beach, you always want to live near the beach.

  • 5. Sarasota/Bradenton

    About 7-1/2 percent of those who leave the Tampa/Clearwater area are headed to start a new job just south of the Skyway.

  • 4. Lakeland

    Polk County residents won’t be too surprised to hear this. The whole “we full” thing isn’t exclusive to Tampa.



  • 3. Jacksonville

    You risk seeing a little snow this far north in Florida, but just like Tampa, Jacksonville is seeing explosive growth. And a good chunk of those transplants are from here in the bay area.

  • 2. Miami/Fort Lauderdale

    If you’re leaving Tampa to move here, I hope it’s for a huge paycheck because you’re going to need it. The cost of living in South Florida is crazy compared to Tampa. And Tampa is expensive as it is.


  • 1. Orlando

    Not a big surprise, right? As much as we hate that drive on I-4, it’s a lot easier than moving across the country and starting over. The Orlando area accounts for almost 20% of the job related moves from the Tampa area.  But if you’re leaving Tampa because the traffic is bad, I got baddddd news for ya!


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