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Florida: What Is Our Most Iconic Food?

The Food Network's "United Plates of America" is a fun report which highlights a unique cuisine that each state is known for. These dishes simultaneously differentiate and unite us. It's no surprise what they named the most iconic food in Florida. In fact, it's considered to be a must-try dessert. The Sunshine State is well-known for its selection of juicy oranges. The warm weather and bright conditions also allow for fruit such as strawberries to grow fresh all year. Certain areas of the state also have a reputation for some of the best Cuban sandwiches in the country. However, none of these items are Food Network's most iconic dish in Florida. So, what is it? Key Lime Pie A food that is both colorful and sweet was selected: Key Lime Pie. This dessert is made of lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk, upon a pie crust or graham cracker base. Then, it is topped with may be served topped with a meringue or with whipped cream. A slice of lime as a garnish is always popular as well. Key limes are native to the Florida Keys. They are generally more fragrant and tart than a more common Persian lime. The history of key limes flourishing in South Florida date back to the 1800's. Today, Publix grocery stores carry one of the most famous Key Lime pies. Southern Living explained how their version has a heavy following. Their distinctive ingredient is adding crushed up toasted almonds. You can now order these pies online with Publix. In Cocoa Beach, you will find an entire establishment dedicated to this famous pie. The Florida Key Lime Pie Company even holds the world record for the largest Key Lime Pie ever made. They make everything fresh in-house and even offer special novelties suck as Key Lime Pie on a stick. The next time you visit the state, Florida's most iconic food is worth grabbing a slice, or an entire pie of. [select-listicle listicle_id="573972" syndication_name="must-visit-food-festivals-across-america" description="yes"]

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