Florida Has Better Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Than Chicago

You read that title right. Florida has better Chicago deep dish pizza than anywhere in Chicago... or Illinois for that matter. That is according to reviewers on Yelp. A new ranking of the best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza spots in America only had ONE Chicago restaurant. And that one came in at the bottom of the top 10 ... at #10. One Florida pizza maker beat it. The Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago We'll get to the Florida winner in a moment but first let's debate who won the only spot in the top 10 for Chicago deep dish pizza that's actually IN Chicago. Yelp users ranked Michael's Original Pizza & Tavern as the best of the best in the Windy City. Michael's has a score of 4.3 stars on Yelp based on 823 reviews. Located at 4091 North Broadway Street in Chicago, they also serve up the popular crispy thin crust pizza that many Chicagoans love more than deep dish. I've never had a pizza from Michael's but I'm honestly kind of shocked that Lou Malnati's didn't top the list in Chicago. It's a pretty legendary spot for deep dish. They have locations all around Chicago and it's my must-visit anytime I'm in the city. I'll definitely have to visit Michael's next time to compare. [caption id="attachment_478451" align="aligncenter" width="1440"] I can't believe reviewers found better deep dish pizza than the one at Lou Malnati's. [/caption] The Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in Florida So I mentioned that Michael's Original Pizza & Tavern in Chicago was the best deep dish style in Chicago, but there is a pie here in Florida that beat it! It's not close for many of us but the next time you're in Jacksonville, look up Carmines Pizza House. With a Yelp score of 4.4 after over 1,000 reviews, Carmine's is the best deep dish Chicago style pizza you can find in Florida, according to Yelp's survey. One reviewer asked Yelp to stop telling people about Carmine's. They say it's a quirky little spot with very limited parking. Sounds like those parking spaces are going to be a lot harder to come by now. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in the Tampa Area What about closer to home? I have two favorite spots for deep dish Chicago style pizza here in the Tampa area. One I've found even rivals Lou Malnati's. Cappy's Pizzeria in Riverview really has a phenomenal deep dish pizza. By the way, Cappy's has several locations - I just always seem to get the best pizza at their Riverview restaurant. Cappy's been a reliable pie for years. Thick chunks of tomato and salty gooey salty cheese... it's just incredible pizza. It's not an everyday pizza. You really have to have a solid appetite to put one of these pies away. I'm not a big crust guy but even Cappy's crust is tasty. A runner up for me, but the favorite for many here in the Tampa area, is Paul's Chicago Style Pizza in St. Pete. They also have a couple locations and serve up that crispy cracker crust style too. I'm just not a fan of the crispy thin... I like the deep dish indulge experience. [Source: Yelp] [select-listicle listicle_id="470171" syndication_name="barstool-pizza-tour-around-tampa-bay" description="yes"]

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