I Tried The Most Expensive Ice Cream Cone in Tampa

And my credit card is still saying to me... "Seriously?" Last week, I wandered around the tough streets of South Tampa. Not tough in the sense that there's violence or danger. South Tampa is tough on your wallet. There's no better example than the most expensive ice cream cone I've ever seen. The day started with my first meal at Goody Goody Burgers. Listeners have been bugging me to try it ever since it opened. It's got that Tampa history dating back to the 1920s so it brings a sense of nostalgia for those who grew up here. I didn't. Maybe that's why it didn't do much for me. Much like St. Pete's nostalgic burger joint, El Cap, the burger at Goody Goody was forgettable. There wasn't that off the grill taste I love. It wasn't particularly juicy. The texture was just kind of gooey. The french fries were a little better than ok because I liked the seasoning. Goody Goody is also well known for their pies. But I wasn't in a pie mood. Ice cream sounded better. I took a stroll around the neighborhood and watched the fabulous and beautiful chowing down at Meat Market. I chuckled at the prices on clothes in the windows in the boutique stores. But before departing South Tampa, I wanted to get that ice cream fix taken care of. That's when I spotted OddFellows Ice Cream Co. I loved the creative choices. There were a few I might try in the future if my stocks do well next year. This "small-batch" ice cream company got its start in Brooklyn, according to their website. When I walked in, I saw they were active with human rights groups. Big plus. The place was brightly lit and clean. Another big plus. And the ice cream flavors were filled with unique names and quirky adjectives. I like weird, so I was thinking I'm gonna love the place. Until I saw those prices. I was about to consume the most expensive ice cream cone I've ever seen. Now keep in mind I'm a Publix BOGO Ben & Jerry's kind of guy. But it's South Tampa. I'm not expecting to find any bargains. But $11.28?! This better be the most incredible ice cream experience of my LIFE. Spoiler. It wasn't. It was as forgettable as that Goody Goody burger I had earlier. I went with 2 scoops, in case I didn't like the first one much. In my twisted logic, one scoop for about $8 or 2 scoops for $10... that second scoop somehow seemed like a fiscally smart decision at that moment when it was my turn to order. I went with one scoop of "Banoffee Pie" with banana ice cream, graham "soil" and dulce de leche. The other scoop was one of their new flavors "Fluffy peanut butter." I'm a New England kid so Fluffernutters were my childhood. It's marshmallow ice cream with peanut butter swirls. Was the most expensive ice cream cone in Tampa worth it? No. It wasn't bad. It's hard to find bad ice cream. Ice cream is inherently awesome. You have to work hard to mess ice cream up. And OddFellows didn't. It was good. Was it $11.28 good? No. No ice cream is. Not even Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream is $11.28 per serving good. By the way, I should mention that the $11.28 does include the taxes and the tip. Yes, they do that super annoying thing were they make you predict how good your service and ice cream will be by making you tip before you take that first lick. I hate pre-tipping. But by the time I got to the register, it was too late. The second scoop was getting plopped onto my cone and that annoying touch screen was in my face with 3 suggested tip amounts. Needless to say that was my last OddFellows visit. The ice cream was great. I love that they support important causes. And the staff was friendly. The ice cream wasn't bad. And honestly, I have no idea if it really is the most expensive ice cream cone in Tampa. Let me know if there's one pricier. I'll probably be dumb enough to try it. But $11.28 for an ice cream cone is absurd. That's about what my burger and fries cost at Goody Goody. It was not a goody goody day for me. I just think I'm not a South Tampa material.

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