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(Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs) (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Where are the best places to live and work if you’re a movie maker? A recent report ranked the top large cities, and one of the cities is part of the Tampa area.

So much of the film industry has changed over the past couple of years, such as video production and editing from home. However, there are some things that still need to be done on the set. You still need to have a crew and actors on the set. And where are the best places for film production? checked out the best sites that are being used most, for filming and living. The top cities, of course, are Los Angeles and New York City. Then, there’s ‘the rest.’ The top 25 ‘big cities.’

Up one spot from last year, St. Petersburg ranked #24 in the nation, just behind Washington D.C. According to, $21 million was spent by production companies in the St. Pete area.

Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Network, Amazon and Netflix are among the networks that have been producing movies in Pinellas County. They get the benefit of some of the best weather in the country, plus beautiful beaches and neighborhoods. Local actors and crews are used on many of these movies and shows.

Pinellas County has long been a popular location for movie and TV production. Here’s a partial list of what was produced here and which cities were represented. [Source:]