Mason Dixon

Q105 Celebrates 50 Years On The Air in Tampa Bay

Last night was a truly special one with a group of friends who told the story of Q105 going back all the way to our very first night on the air in 1973. It was just after 6pm on December 13, 1973 when Tim Davisson cracked the Q105 mic for the first time. In our chat last night, he recalled the first song he picked and told us how amazed even he was of how Q105 dominated the Tampa radio scene so quickly. Also joining us was the legendary Scott Shannon from The Q Morning Zoo. Unfortunately Scott was at a hotel in Arizona that had some spotty WiFi and although we got to see him briefly, he couldn't hear us and had to disconnect. But we did get to share stories with other Q105 legends like afternoon host and later morning man Mason Dixon, midday host Bobby Rich and Bill Connolly from The Q Morning Zoo. Q105 listeners from over the years chimed in with their favorite moments too, which made the night even more special. If you missed the Facebook Live, enjoy it here. Q105's story has a bunch of exciting chapters. Here's to Q105's next 50 years as The MJ Morning Show, Roxanne Wilder, Mason Dixon and his new syndicated show Generation 80s and yours truly, Geno, honor and continue the legacy of the one and Tampa Bay's Q105. [select-gallery gallery_id="283375" syndication_name="mason-dixon-with-friends-over-the-years" description="yes"]

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