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A Perfect List To Keep Your Life Balanced

Are you striving for more balance in your life? We found this amazing list to help keep you in check. You need a little of all of these to cover all of your bases. 1. Enjoying family time 2. Viewing TV shows and movies 3. Getting your zzzzz's 4. Treating yourself every day 5. Listenging…

Top One-Hit Wonders Of The 80's

A one-hit wonder is an artist who had one song that did well, but who never enjoyed that sort of success again. There are so many to choose from over the years, so we put together a list of the best 80's one-hit wonders.

Five Reasons To Be Excited About Monday Night Football

Are you ready for some football? The obvious reason to be excited about tonight's game; it features our Tampa Bay team and Raymond James Stadium. Here are four more things to look forward to about tonight's game: 1. The Bucs have a chance to remain undefeated. Their record could improve to 3-0. When is the…

Mason On Demand: Are You Addicted To TV?

There's a study that gave a list of signs that you're addicted to watching TV (such as having an enormous TV...). Also, Fall arrives tomorrow! There are signs that tell you this, other than in Florida where the license plates change colors! Then, find out what's in the stars for you today from Janet Sciales,…