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Mason On Demand: Political Correctness Gone Awry?

Really? You can't say "you guys" anymore? You might be surprised what else is now 'politically incorrect'. Then, stick around for class! Find out what happened on this date in history from Professor Mason Dixon and what is in store for you today from Janet Sciales, the Star Goddess!

Great Deals For Veterans

We love and honor the men and women who've served our country. Many shops and restaurants around the bay area and beyond are offering some great deals for veterans and active duty military and their families. Bed, Bath & Beyond is offering 25% off the entire purchase on Monday, November 12th in store. It's for…

The Real Reason People Use YouTube

What is the number one reason as to why people watch videos on YouTube? Nope. It's not because they're crazy about cats! New research shows that 51% of people say YouTube is important for LEARNING. YouTube is the place to go if you want to figure out how to do something you've never done before.…