Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg's Grueling Schedule

According to IMDB (the Internet Movie Database) Mark is known for his work in blockbuster movies like; Boogie Nights, Shooter, Ted, Planet Of The Apes, the Transformer franchise and many others. There is a reason Mark is so successful and it appears to be dedication.

This is a rundown of a typical day for Mark Wahlberg... and all of it is not work.

Mark reveled that his day begins at 2:30am. Each day he does two workouts, has a rejuvenating cryotherapy session and gets in a quick round of golf. In between is time for meals, prayers, snacks, showers, work in his production office, and family dinner every night at 5:30pm. Wahlberg finally calls it a day and hits his pillow at 7:30pm.
Whew! Do you think you would be able to keep up with Mark Wahlberg's schedule? I don't mind telling you, that made me tired just reading about it. BTW... I LOVE the part about time for "prayer".
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