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In February, the Florida Supreme Court issued an order that voided the penny-on-the-dollar Hillsborough County sales tax for transportation.

Since January of 2019, Hillsborough County had been collecting that tax. With the new order finalized on March 15th, the Florida Department of Revenue issued a notice to Hillsborough County businesses. The notice reminded them to stop collecting 8.5% sales tax. It needs to return to the 7.5% amount.

Bethany Wester, the Florida Department of Revenue communications director said in an email to the Tampa Bay Times: “Businesses are responsible for correctly administering sales tax. If a business mistakenly collects the former transportation surtax, the business should refund the tax to the customer.”

Depending upon how big your purchase is, that 1% can add up. Buying a home appliance for $1,500? It’s an additional $15. Check your receipts.

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