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CHICAGO, IL - JANUARY 29: A new American Airlines 737-800 aircraft featuring a new paint job with the company’s new logo sits at a gate at O'Hare Airport on January 29, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. This year, American plans to take delivery of nearly 60 new aircraft featuring the logo and paint. American currently has a fleet of nearly 900 aircraft that fly more than 3,500 daily flights worldwide. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Have you ever been on a really bumpy flight? Passengers on a flight out of Tampa and traveling to Birmingham expereinced some serious turbulence on Wednesday.

CBS News is reporting on the incident.

It was an American Airlines flight and representatives from American said that even though there was the “unexpected turbulence,” the plane landed safely in Birmingham, Alabama. Unfortunately, a total of eight people were hospitalized for further evaluation after the flight, including two flight attendants and six passengers.

There is no additional information available as to what caused the passengers’ injuries, but it is assumed to be related to the turbulence. The plane had 52 passengers on board, as well as two pilots and two flight attendants. The incident will be investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

I’ve never been on a horrifically turbulent flight, but I have been on two flights where we were about to land and then shot back up into the sky. I believe it’s called an aborted landing. I will have to double check on the terminology with our resident flying expert, MJ. In any case, it’s pretty scary. You feel the descent and then the quick move to rocket back up into the sky. The even scarier thought is that usually this happens when another plane might be trying to land at the same time so the pilot is potentially avoiding a crash. It’s particularly scary when it happens, and then you don’t hear anything over the intercom for a few minutes from the pilot because he is busy making his moves. You’re like, “Uh…what’s happening?”

Oh boy…safe travels! And when you think about the poor folks on this flight who were injured, it’s a good reminder to keep your seat belt on during your flight.

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