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Though, I must admit, I am a blurter and blurted out the answer before he finished the FULL question, I feel like MJ was definitely going to ask me the question I gave him the answer to.

It all started when we were talking about what we could eat during Thanksgiving if there are going to be so many food shortages. Fester said we should eat cotton candy, followed by a turkey leg. He explained that would give us energy from the sugar in the cotton candy and then bring us down with the tryptophan. I shouted out, “Yeah. Like a speedball.” Everyone questioned why I would know what a speedball was. I told the guys I’d recently been reading about Matthew Perry, which eventually led me to a rabbit hole about the passing of River Phoenix.

MJ said, “For one hundred dollars, can you tell me the name of the club…” And right then, I blurted out, “Viper Room.” I know he was going to ask what club he died in front of. He denies it, and therefore, is denying me the $100. I accepted it at the time, but as I’ve rewatched the clip, I’m so convinced that’s what he was going to ask, and so I’m thinking he needs to pay up.

Here’s the clip. It happened at the 3:08:42.

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