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There have been reports of a huge great white shark off the coast of Florida. She’s a large shark, but she’s not alone.

Ocearch.org puts trackers on sharks, alligators, dolphins, sea turtles, seals and swordfish. Periodically the sharks’ locations are ‘pinged’ so scientists can collect details on where they live and where they travel.

These sharks are tracked over thousands of miles. A recent female’s path was traced from as far north as the Gulf of St. Lawrence between Newfoundland and New Brunswick, Canada. Its most recent ‘ping’ was in Apalachee Bay, south of Tallahassee. Ocearch scientists named her Maple, and they measured her to be 11 feet 7 inches long and weighing in at 1,264 lbs.

However, closer to home, a ping from another white shark, a male named Keji, was a little closer to the Tampa Bay area. He was tagged near Nova Scotia, and on February 28, 2023, pinged about 30 miles southwest of St. Petersburg. Keji measured in at 9 feet, 7 inches long and 578 lbs.

Great White Shark

A great white shark swims by the camera giving a good view of the face.
(Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Rose, another white shark, 10 feet, 5 inches long and 600 lbs, pinged a little further out into the Gulf of Mexico west of Naples. Here’s a picture of her below from Ocearch.org.

Furthermore, other white sharks, such as Unama’ki a 15 foot, 5 inch, 2,195 lb. female, and Edithe, an 11 foot, 8 inch, 1,185 lb female have pinged around the west coast of Florida. Ocearch.org has tracked other white sharks of both genders and various sizes for several years. They join silky sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, hammerhead sharks that live and hunt around the Gulf of Mexico.

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