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Flight attendants have many responsibilities on an airplane, but scrubbing the bathrooms isn’t one of them.  They serve and remove food and drinks, check overhead bins, make sure your seat  is in the full and upright position, and play referee in a growing number of mid-flight skirmishes, but even on long trips, they are not responsible for cleaning or sanitizing toilets, sinks or floors.

They’re expected to straighten up the bathrooms, but that doesn’t even include picking up toilet paper scraps off the floor or wiping up after those who missed the pot.


Photo: MJ Morning Show

Flight attendants’ unions have made sure the chores aren’t too demeaning, or gross.  So, the stench, after many hours and many passengers, can become unbearable in those tiny little lavatories, but flight attendants have found a solution that doesn’t require much effort or rubber gloves:  Coffee grounds!

On a recent flight from Tampa, MJ went into the lavatory, and found this bag of coffee grounds hanging to absorb all the nasty smells trapped in the bathroom. Problem solved! Have you ever seen this before? Let us know on Twitter @myQ105