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And we’re not talking about Michael Jordan’s team (formerly the Bobcats; currently, the Hornets). A family of bobcats was spotted in Westchase.

You’ll see all kinds of wildlife in Westchase…everything from deer and turkeys to…BOBCATS!

Heather Boyette spoke with someone from FOX13 and said she “couldn’t believe her eyes” as she looked out her window. She lives near Davidson Middle School. She said she saw a mama bobcat and two cubs in the field right behind the school.

Heather explained, “I ran downstairs with my camera and cautiously approached the fence to get a view,” she said. “I was still quite a ways away. Luckily I’ve got a good zoom — can’t get too close to wildlife! I’ve never seen a bobcat in that area it was the coolest thing,” she added. “Usually there’s just some hawks, deer, and rabbit. But bobcats take the cake!”

You’ve got to check out the photos. Please click here.

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