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Could our four-legged friends be of help to us humans when it comes to detecting COVID-19?

There is a non-profit in Manatee County called BioScent K9. Since March, they have been working with dogs to see if they can sniff out the virus.

The non-profit utilizes beagles and beagle-basset hound mixes to see if they can smell COVID-19 because their sense of smell is 40 times better than humans.

Heather Junqueira is the founder of BioScent and she says, “Their noses work very differently than ours. We breathe in and out through the same passages. But dogs breathe in one passage and out another so they can separate out the odor that they want to focus on.”

Wouldn’t it be great if these dogs could sniff out COVID-19 in public places?

The dogs could be trained and ready to work by the beginning of 2021.

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