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Sunday Mornings 6:00am

It’s hard to have political discussions and talk about important issues in our country today, but one thing we may all be able to agree on is that we need more peace and understanding.

Edie Darling is a remarkable woman. She is a spiritual advisor; she has a background in law enforcement and she is our nation’s Ambassador of Peace in action.

Edie Darling says: When someone doesn’t look like you or isn’t related to you, ask yourself, “Can I genuinely love them?” There are many people around the world who feel they aren’t loved for many reasons. As a result, they have been cast aside, pushed aside and made to feel unworthy of love. Some are not loved merely because of the color of their skin. America… Do you love me?! Let’s put our differences aside and love each other as Brothers and Sisters related by blood in the human race.