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As reported by FOX Business, the good folks at Instacart, the popular grocery delivery site,  has released what their  top selling item is.  To come up with this they looked at data  from all of the grocery order that they fulfilled in 2022 across the United States.

In fact, Instacart says this grocery item is so popular that it has delivered over a billion of them to American household.

When I saw that Instacart was releasing the top selling item, I first thought of a loaf of bread. My wife guessed eggs or milk.  When I asked my kids what they thought the top selling grocery item is, they guess boxes of breakfast cereal.  We were all wrong.  But the answer was sitting right there on the counter in our kitchenette whole time.

If you haven’t guessed it already, I will give you a hint.  They probably were imported from somewhere else to the US.  I will also tell you that many people find them very a”peel”ing.  Okay, I won’t monkey around with you any longer, the answer is


Yes, our beloved banana is the top selling grocery item. the delicious portable fruit that Gwen Stefani all taught us how to spell tops all other grocery items.

The top state for bananas in instacart grocery orders is Iowa with 34%.

The state  with the lowest percent for bananas in orders came from Hawaii with 15%.

Florida finished in the middle of the pack with 24%

When I spoke to my friend and Hawaii native Mac McLaughlin about Hawaii coming in last in banana orders he wasn’t surprised. He said “I grew up with 2 banana tress in my yard. As a boy we had them any time we wanted.”

Hawaii is the top producing banana state followed by Florida.  No U.S. grown banana are sold commercially on a wide scale. Most bananas we see in the grocery store come from Latin America.


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