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9 Things To Do BEFORE a Hurricane from Denis Phillips

It's that time of year Florida. It's time to stock up on bottled water, toilet paper and all the other stuff Floridians will panic buy when the first threat of a hurricane happens. There's nothing worse than getting to Publix only to find out shelves are empty. But beyond grabbing the obvious hurricane supplies, what else should you do? Who better to answer that question than Tampa Bay's most trusted 'cane expert Denis Phillips from ABC Action News? Because of Denis, there's been a frozen quarter sitting in my freezer for the past year. After you read his life hacks, you might do the same. [select-listicle listicle_id="370344" syndication_name="10-florida-hurricane-life-hacks-from-denis-phillips" description="no"] Have some other life hacks to get through a hurricane? We Floridians have lots of experience with wild weather so there might be some good advice you can share that we can share with our listeners. When the winds pick up and the power goes out, life gets miserable fast. Tag @GenoRadio with your best pre-hurricane tips and we'll add them here.

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