While driving down the road the other day I saw this truck with the message on the back “Trifexis Killed My Dog”! It obviously got me thinking. I’ve have had my own experience with this drug. It was given to me for my Pug, Gunner a few years back.

We tired it for Gunner but the first dose made him very sick. His system just could not handle it, and he threw it up within 20 minutes of taking the first dose. I promptly called my vet, who told me many dogs have issues with Trifexis and that we should discontinue it’s use immediately. So, we never gave Gunner a second dose. And frankly I’m happy we switched, after some of the things I have read about it.

Trifexis is a flea and heart-worm medicine that has been around since about 2011. However, since it’s inception there has been an ongoing controversy with this medication. Many people are swearing that after their dog took this drug, it brought about death. But according to the company that makes it, there is no proof that those claims are true.

There is a very good article published by Jim Strickland of WSB-TV 2 in Atlanta, Georgia regarding the controversy  HERE. I have also located an additional site with more information that you can check out HERE:

Both articles contain some very good information. I hope you’ll take the time to read them. In the end, as an animal lover and responsible pet owner, I think it’s at least good that we discuss all medications and their side effects with our vet. Then make an informed decision for yourself.

For me, where there’s smoke… there’s fire. So, my wife and I will avoid this medication from now on. There are just too many other, gentler alternatives to treat fleas and heart-worms. But you decide for yourself.


Rich Fields is a veteran radio broadcaster who is best known for having been the Announcer on the Price is Right. He is also an Emmy Award winning Meteorologist .