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October 20, 2019 UPDATE!: Thank you to Q105 listener and fellow fried chicken appreciator @edgewalker81 for the heads up! He says they had a soft opening today (he proved it with a photo of a genuine Gut Box he ordered). He says they officially open tomorrow!

Original story from June 3, 2019…
If you went to FSU, chances are you spent some late nights chowing down on chicken fingers from either Chubby’s or Guthrie’s. Honestly, I’m more of a Chubby’s guy. I haven’t had a Chubby’s box since I left Tallahassee almost 20 years ago but I STILL think of that place. Guthrie’s Chicken is a close runner up. They certainly have their own loyalists. When I randomly found Guthrie’s Chicken one day driving in Polk County, I was shocked and did a U-turn. Now Tampa is getting its own location.

Creative Loafing reports that construction is already underway and the sign is already up. The Guthrie’s in Tampa will be located at Dale Mabry and Paxton just south of Gandy. The Guthrie’s Box is what most order… comes with chicken fingers with Guthrie’s sauce (hard to describe), crinkle cut fries, cole slaw and a thick slice of buttered toast.

The news has yet to be made official on the Guthrie’s website, but this photo tells the story.

I’m not the only Guthrie’s fan. Back when I worked for the country radio station here in Tampa, I interviewed Jake Owen. Instead of music, we ended up spending a good chunk of the time talking about Chubby’s and Guthrie’s.

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