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Another day. Another “A Florida man” gem. A 38 year old man was taken into custody after police say he was seen riding his bike naked through the streets of Fort Lauderdale Thursday. At some point, maybe he figured he should at least put on some underwear so where did he stop to get a pair? An adult toy store of course. WTVJ reports he found a pair of underwear he liked and at the register must have realized that his choice of not putting any clothes on meant he had nowhere to store a wallet so he offered to pay for his purchase with his bicycle. The shop employee apparently declined the generous offer but the guy took off with the underwear anyway. After he fled the scene, the guy apparently didn’t like the underwear after all so he took them off exposing himself again. By that point police were on the scene and provided “cover” as well as a set of handcuffs. They want help from the public because, and this probably is no shock, he wasn’t carrying ID.

Source: WTVJ

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