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The Blue Angels' six-jet F/A-18 Hornet Delta Formation making two dramatic passes above the Magic Kingdom.

We’ve been hoping for a Tampa appearance by the Blue Angels, but it’s looking bleak. This morning the Blue Angels tweeted their next stop in the itinerary as they tour the country to thank healthcare workers and first responders who’ve been on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. Florida will get a visit Friday, but unfortunately, Tampa is not on the list. The tweet says they will fly over Jacksonville and Miami. They’ll announce specific routes and times tomorrow.

To my understanding of it, cities are being chosen that have been the hardest hit by the virus outbreak. Miami certainly has had it worse than Tampa. But as for Jacksonville, the Florida Department of Health shows our area has about twice as many cases as they do. So honestly, I’m stumped!

Tampa residents were excited for an appearance last week, but it turned out that we were not on the list for a visit. Local TV stations say they heard from the mayor’s team there would be a flyover, but the next day MacDill Air Force Base said Tampa is not scheduled for a visit. A performance scheduled at MacDill back in March had to be cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Blue Angels Fly Over US Cities to Thank Front Line Workers

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