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Sick of fighting traffic on the Howard Frankland or dealing with that construction on Gandy? What if you could just take a magical quick flight over it all? That’s the plan, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. They say a German company is trying to create a “sky taxi” service that will take you from one side of the bay to the other.

The flight would cost you about $60 to $90 each way, at least to start. If they get more landing sites, the price might drop. They say the service would probably operate out of Tampa International Airport. These photos below show a similar company’s prototype that took flight in Singapore last year.

Funny thing is… this idea isn’t new! There actually used to be flights back and forth from Tampa to St. Pete way back in the day. Check out the handout below from 1914 advertising “fast passenger and express service.” A drive over The Howard Frankland wasn’t an option back then. That was still almost 40 years away from being built. A round trip plane ticket cost you $10 (using an inflation calculator, that’s about $250). But here’s the good news. You were allowed 200 POUNDS of baggage. (You know there was a South Tampa diva who still went over.) There were four round trip flights a day. [Source: TBBJ]

Jeff Davies

Flyer advertising St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat line. 1914 Photo courtesy of Cris Dovich.

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