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It'll be Super Bowl #10 for Tom Brady. If you're saying now you knew it all along, hopefully you're weren't one of the ones who left these comments.

These are all comments made by Q105 listeners to our Facebook page back when the rumors of Tom Brady coming to Tampa Bay to play for the Buccaneers became reality. Don’t worry… I abbreviated last names. But one of them is kind of obvious though. LOL

Debbie P.
“I don’t think Tampa could handle his ego or his demand in pay.”

Trung L.
“Still not do any good for the team. D sucks. 4-12.”

Judy J.
“Please not Tampa Bay he just needs to retire.”

Mason D.
“You cannot be serious.”

“Stupid Tampa Bay!”

Sandy G.
“Just retire already!”

Ed E.
“I don’t see Brady coming to Tampa.”

Art K.
“He won’t last the season.”

Harry S.
“He’s going to the booth. That’s my 2 cents.”

Roger S.
“He’s old and done. It’s why the Patriots are willing to let him go.”

William B.

Jeffrey H.
“The line can not protect him.”

Ginny W.
“Do any of you fans of “god” believe he’ll take the team to the super bowl?
He doesn’t have Kraft.”

Anne R.
“I am sorry it takes more than one man to make a team.”


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