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You might remember their 90s hits "Love and Affection," "After The Rain" or "More Than Ever." They'll perform their father's hits too in "Ricky Nelson Remembered" at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City.

It was 1990. The hair band era was coming to an end, but grunge hadn’t quite kicked in yet. The New Kids on the Block, Wilson Phillips and Bell Biv Devoe topped the charts when a band of twin brothers had that money making mix of rock and pop appeal that MTV loved. Yes, MTV was still playing music videos at that point. This band was made for MTV… the big hair and even bigger music videos. But they weren’t greasy and edgy like the hairbands before them like Motley Crue. They were squeaky clean and had mass appeal. Plus they were sons of a pop music legend. Do you remember Nelson?

You’d probably only remember two of their songs… “After The Rain” and “(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” topped the charts in 1990. They had a couple more singles in 1991 you probably forgot. By 1992, they were gone. The twin sons of ’50s teen idol Ricky Nelson had long flowing blond hair that drove a legion of young female fans crazy, but they were actually talented too so guys respected them. Ask anyone who saw Nelson perform live back then – you’ll hear nothing but good things. Ask anyone who met them – they were the nicest guys. So what happened to Matthew and Gunnar Nelson Nelson?

Matthew and Gunnar never really left music behind. They just sort of fell off the radar as bands do over time. They’ve been in the country music scene but that’s not what they’re up to so much right now. They’re coming to town for a concert in Plant City for the 2022 Florida Strawberry Festival. They aren’t touring under the name Nelson. Instead they are doing a tribute to their father in a show called “Ricky Nelson Remembered.” They mostly play a bunch of their dad’s hits but will do their own big songs too. Get to Plant City a bit early March 8. They aren’t playing the main stage in the evening like most headliners. They go on at 3:30pm.

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