Florida low temperatures this morning according to the National Weather Service.

The numbers are in from the Florida Climate Center. Florida State Climatologist David Zierden shared these readings this morning taken at 7:20am. North Florida saw temperatures dip into the low 20s! Most of the Tampa and Orlando areas hovered right around the freezing point. Even South Florida dipped into the 30s. The coldest spot looks to have been Live Oak, Florida. WCTV reports they actually got into the teens. 19… but still! Live Oak is about halfway between Tallahassee and Jacksonville near the Georgia border.

Mike Clay from Bay News 9 shared these local temps with me from this morning:
Spring Hill: 22
Zephyrhills: 24
Bradenton: 26
Port Richey: 28
Lakeland: 28
Clearwater: 29
Sarasota: 29
Brandon: 30
St. Petersburg: 30
Tampa: 36

If you want Florida warmth, it’ll be back Tuesday – but for now, the best we can do is point you to Key West.  They are in the 50s this morning.  But as cold as it is here in Florida this morning, we’ve got it much better than the rest of the country.  Parts of the northeast is buried under 2 feet of snow. Boston had more snow in a single day in recorded history, according to NPR.  Check out these photos!

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