For my first few years in Tampa, it got no better than the pizza at Grimaldi's... until I found one better.

In my 10 years now here in Florida, I’ve lived half on the Hillsborough County side and half on the Pinellas County side so if I missed your favorite spot in New Port Richey or Lakeland, that’s probably why it didn’t make my list. On this most sacred of holidays, National Pizza Day, here is my updated for 2022 list of the best pizza in Tampa Bay.

I must be honest. I love living in Florida, but finding great pizza here is not easy. I know natives hate it when those of us transplants who have invaded your home from up north say stuff like this. But it’s true. Just as it’s next to impossible to find a legit great Cuban sandwich in Boston. That said, these 10 pizzas have made me feel happy with my choice to settle down in Champa Bay.

From #10 to #1… you know I’m going to save the best for last!

Whenever I put this list out there, I inevitably get someone irate that their favorite spot didn’t make the list. By all means, tag @GenoRadio or use the hashtag #GenoAteTampa to add a place for me to try. If you’re going to say Eddie & Sams (I get that one constantly), let me save you some keystrokes. I’ve had it. It’s not bad pizza. It’s just not great pizza. Also, I’m not so much of a pizza snob that I can’t show some love to a chain so I’ll do it here… Hungry Howie’s makes an incredible low price pizza. It’s probably even the pizza I have most often. I just wanted to keep this list to mostly mom and pop shops.

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