Does Tampa really have better pizza than NYC or Chicago? That might be a stretch but I would put Cristino's in Clearwater up against almost any pie in America.

Listen. I love Tampa. I’ll never leave. But I’m a little skeptical of a new survey that’s gone viral today from “Any Time Estimate.” I’ve never heard of them, but they say they based these things like Google Trends, the number of pizza spots vs the number of residents, and prices. I don’t know if those are valid ways to determine who has great pizza, but here’s there top 10.

1. Detroit
2. Cleveland
3. Columbus
4. Boston
5. Pittsburgh
6. Indianapolis
7. Providence
8. St. Louis
9. Philadelphia
10. Norfolk

Tampa didn’t make it… but we were close at #12. I do love Detroit-style pizza, but is Detroit really the pizza mecca? Tampa had a great place with Detroit-style pizza near Busch Gardens at a place called Pizza Squared but it closed years ago. I personally can vouch for Boston having great pizza. But New York City didn’t even make the top 15. That seems suspect to me. Chicago just barely made it at #14. [Source: Any Time Estimate]

Here are my pizza picks for the Tampa area…

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