As Mason gets ready to launch his nationally syndicated 80s show, I got to join some Q105 legends as he led Tampa Bay into the weekend one more time.

I’ve only worked with Mason for the past 10 years of his incredible career. But I’m so proud to be a part of this station’s story. I didn’t grow up here so I didn’t listen as a kid… but what I didn’t know until I moved here was all those years, I was listening to a Q105 copycat… right down the station voice and jingles.

The original Q105 crew… Mason, Scott, Cleveland, Bobby, and so many more built this station to last. Q105 turns 50 next year. Few radio stations have a legacy like this one and I’m proud to keep it alive and thriving. I will miss seeing Mason on a daily basis, but I’m so glad he’s still partnering with Q105 with his charity work and a top secret project… which we may or may not have said too much about on the air yesterday. 😆 But you haven’t heard the last of Mason Dixon on Q105… as we always say in radio, stay tuned!


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Photos: Mason Dixon And Friends

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