Damon Corkern, who works for ECS Solar Energy Systems, Inc, installs a solar panel system on the roof of a home in Gainesville, Florida.

Sorry, it’s not Tampa. Although Tampa did fairly well on a ranking of the best job markets in America for 2023. But if you want to find the best job market in the U.S., you have to jump on I-4 and head east.

Wallet Hub did an analysis on things like the obvious – job opportunities, room for growth within a job, salary rates, job satisfaction and overall market outlook. But they also factored in things you might not have thought about like home affordability and if there is a risk your job could become automated and obsolete, or how difficult it is to commute to work. Spoiler: Miami – you didn’t do well there.

Orlando came out on top overall after weighing all those factors. But other Florida cities had their own strengths too. Tallahassee ranked 2nd in the nation for shortest commute time. (You know Orlando wasn’t going to win that one.) Pembroke Pines scored well in employment growth opportunities.

So what about Tampa? We came in overall at #16 in terms of the best place to find a job in America. [Source: Wallet Hub]

Florida Among The 10 Most Moved-To States in 2022

  • #10: Rhode Island

    I get this one. If I had to stay in New England, Rhode Island would be my pick. I would visit often when I lived in Massachusetts. If you ever get a chance to visit when they’re doing the “water fires,” go! Newport’s pretty cool too. And try some coffee milk.

  • #9: Idaho

    I’m stumped on this one.  I love potatoes.  But I’ve never been to Idaho, so apparently there’s something a-peel-ing.  Potatoes.  Get it? OK I’ll stop.

  • #8: Oregon

    You can’t get much further away from Florida than Oregon. It’s where many of my friends from California tend to end up.

  • #7: Tennessee

    I’ve lost count of how many friends of mine have moved to Nashville.  The Volunteer State has that Smoky Mountain moonshine.  Taxes are low. And they have RC Cola and Moon Pie festival.

  • #6: Alabama

    Looking to chill and find someplace more affordable?

  • #5: Florida

    Beaches, lots of music and great sports teams, and no state income tax?  It’s not too hard to figure out why people keep moving here.

  • #4: West Virginia

    I’ve gotta tell ya.  West Virginia would’ve never been on my radar until I visited in 2021.  The mountain life is beautiful.  Crank up the John Denver and visit sometime. Check out my pics from the trip.

  • #3: South Carolina

    Lots of builders are hard at work in the state’s smaller cities.  But Charleston is beautiful too.  Affordable housing is a big draw.

  • #2: South Dakota

    Visitors tend to fall in love and stay.  It has that Old West type feel.

  • #1: Vermont

    I get it.  Vermont is beautiful.  Ben & Jerry’s as far as the eye can see and maple syrup appealing to you?  I hate snow and cold so Vermont would never be my choice to go, but I get it.  If you ever get to Burlington, go get the gingerbread pancakes at Penny Cluse Cafe.

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