Not many would think to stop off at an office supplies store to find a weapon.

A new year, a new A Florida Man? No not so much. WPLG reports that 31 year old Patrick Abbott was arrested Saturday for armed robbery. They say he did the routine where he slipped a Miami Publix employee a note saying to hand over the money, claiming he had a gun. The employee was able to call for help. The would-be robber left the scene without the money.

Police caught the guy, according to the TV station. They say he tried to throw the note away. Later, the employee positively identified him and he was charged. Oh… and that gun? It wasn’t a gun. It was apparently a stapler.

This apparently wasn’t Abbott’s first run in with the law. According to the report, he was arrested for child abuse last month when he was seen leaving a 4 month old baby in a Walmart parking lot. [Source: WPLG]

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