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Website did the leg work, looking for the coolest breweries in each state. Now we know what Florida’s coolest brewery is.

It’s a rough job, having to do all that research. They know there are so many beer lovers out there who really know their stuff. Their list, however, includes more than the glass of suds. also took a closer look at what each brewery has to offer.

There are 50 breweries on the list, but we’re just concerned with finding out which Florida brewery made the list. Tampa Bay, you’re in luck. It’s right here in our backyard. The Florida brewery that earned the honor of coolest is Cigar City Brewing.

The Tampa brewery is a must-visit for beer lovers. In addition to the unique and wide variety of ales and IPA’s, they have their original brewery and taproom on Spruce Street in Tampa. There’s also a tasty food menu. Congratulations to Cigar City Brewing for being named Florida’s coolest brewery.


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