They’ve been in Florida now for a year or two, but the lines were always too long for me so I usually just walked by. Now I know why people wait. After our Q105 broadcast at Halloween Horror Nights last night, I had my first Voo Doo Doughnut. Well, 4 actually. Not at the same time. But I could have. Their basic plain cake doughnut alone made me glad I set aside my impatience for lines after waiting in them all night to go into haunted houses. But this morning when I devoured my first bacon maple bar, I got the hype. Voo Doo Donuts first popped up in Portland, Oregon. I’d heard about them from celebrities and musicians who always made a point of visiting when they were in town. I get it now. My tip: order 2 that look most appealing to you. Get a bacon maple bar because I said to. And have an employee choose your 4th doughnut.

Scroll through the photos and videos in my Instagram post below. Tap the little arrow. The video of the rotating carousel of doughnuts might make you jump in the car and head to Orlando right now.


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