377672 02: L-R, Rick Allen, Phil Collen, Joe Elliot, Vivian Campbell and Rick Savage of Def Leppard pose for photgraphers after their induction to the Rock Walk of Fame at the Guitar Center September 5, 2000 in Hollywood, California. (Photo Steve W Grayson/Online USA)

Back in the 80s, you had to seduce a roadie to get backstage. These days you just need a major credit card. Yesterday I told you about the Poison meet and greet packages. But if you’d rather meet Def Leppard, bust out the plastic because the presale starts tomorrow for the band’s VIP packages for both Florida concerts… Miami and Orlando. Sorry no Tampa date on this tour. This one requires a road trip. If you aren’t a member of the Def Leppard “Rock Brigade,” you’ll need to wait until Friday morning. Rock Brigade membership costs about $40 FYI, which if you’re going to spend all this money on a VIP package, is chump change. There are 4 packages, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. By the way, Def Leppard just like Poison, are not revealing how much these packages will cost until they go on sale.

“Front Row Meet & Greet Package”
The big one. This is saying pour some sugar on me and put my credit card spending limit to the test. It includes a front row seat for the show, front of the line privileges for the meet & greet where you’ll take a photo with the band and get an autographed drumhead. They will also have a “Def Leppard memorabilia exhibit curated from the band’s personal collections” that you’ll get to check out. They’ll toss in some merch they say is exclusive to those who buy one of these VIP packages, including a commemorative meet & greet laminate so you can look all important with that (sort of) backstage pass around your neck during the show. You’ll also get access to a VIP entrance to skip the lines getting into the stadium.

“Meet & Greet Package”
Don’t need to be in the front row? This package gets you a seat somewhere in the first 5 rows. And honestly with stadium shows, there’s not a big difference. You’ll still get the meet & greet where you’ll take a pic with the band. Instead of a drumhead, you’ll get an autographed 8×10. The rest of the stuff is the same… you’ll see the exhibit, get the merch and laminate and VIP entrance.

“Premium Package”
The “economical” choice… you’ll get a seat in the first 20 rows, the merch and VIP entrance. But no touring this exhibit or quality time with the band.

“Joe Elliott Ultimate VIP”
OK this one might make you dip into your 401K. If you need some quality time specifically with lead singer Joe Elliott, this is your best bet. You’ll get a ticket somewhere in the first 4 rows and access to a backstage question and answer session with Joe. He’ll sign a couple things for you and take a pic with you. An autographed Def Leppard 8×10, that laminate as well as a “Joe Elliott Ultimate VIP” laminate are all tossed in and you’ll see that memorabilia exhibit.

All of these packages include an “onsite VIP host” which I’d imagine will likely be the rules reader who tells you to keep your cell phone hidden. Bands these days tend to like their own personal photographer doing the picture snapping. That way if they don’t like the pic, it doesn’t get out on your Facebook page.

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