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Curt Smith of Tears For Fears performs on stage during their concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on April 23, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. )

Wait. What? Run? Yes. Run.

Apparently there are two versions of the song. Apparently there have ALWAYS been two versions of the song. It’s one of the biggest hits of the ’80s. I work for Tampa Bay’s ’80s station. And I had no idea this exists.

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Run The World (1985)

Music Video for Tears For Fears's "Everybody Wants To Run The World"

This version was made by the band in 1986 for a charity event, for famine relief according to Wikipedia. It even hit the charts in the UK getting all the way up to #5!

Next time you’re out with friends at the bar just say you wish they’d play “Everybody Wants To Run The World.” You know your friends will correct you. Insist Tears For Fears had a top 10 hit with that song and you’re willing to put money on it. You’re welcome. PS you owe me 10%.

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