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Popcorn on display. who can resist?

Coronavirus has done a number on the entertainment industry. Theme parks in Florida have had to let employees go and now another casualty… jobs at movie theaters.

Variety reports that Cineworld is closing all of its Regal Cinema locations in the United States. That’s over 500 theaters nationwide, including four in our area in Tampa, Largo, Pinellas Park and Port Richey. They say a big factor was the new James Bond movie release being put on hold. “No Time To Die” will not come out until April of 2021 and it seems like that was the last straw. They say the closures could happen as soon as this week and that reopening might not happen until next year. [Source: Variety]

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Sundays are my lazy day. If I can make it through the entire day without putting a pair of pants on, I consider it a win. And when one of these movies comes on, I’ll gladly give up two hours of my weekend. Few of these are “great” movies. They’re just always on. They’re mostly mindless simple fun flicks to escape the world.

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Q105 Concert Calendar

The music industry has been hit hard too. Here are the latest rescheduled dates for Tampa area concerts.

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