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Right around this time each year, I keep an eye out for this deal. It’s back this weekend just for 2 days. You buy a gift card for Target and get charged 10% less than the card you’re buying. In other words, buy a $100 gift card, they’ll charge you $90.

In previous years, I remember the max being $300, saving you $30. This year they’ve set the limit to $500. So if you do a lot of shopping at Target or have a big ticket item on the Christmas shopping list like a video game system or Apple Watch, it might be worth it to go all in.

This sale would have been a lot more useful BEFORE Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but I’m sure it’s no coincidence they make this offer after those big price drops are over with. By the way, you don’t have to put the balance on just one gift card. You can buy 10 at $50 each according to their rules on This offer does not apply to their Visa, Mastercard or American Express gift cards. It’s just for their usual store gift cards.

TIP: So I took advantage of this offer and about 2 hours later I got a message that the order was CANCELED. There was no really good reason. After dealing with their customer service reps (about 6 total), they finally got the order processed. The rep who was finally able to help me thinks it’s a security glitch. Their system is processing these orders and seeing that it’s not usual to place a $500 gift card order, it goes into some warning mode and cancels the sale. What a pain! But I finally got the deal.

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