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Many Tampa area residents saw it around 10pm Monday night. So what was it? Don’t worry we’re not being visited. Or at least not this time. It was a meteor. It was spotted all along Florida’s coast. You don’t see a lot of photos or video of meteors since they come and go so quickly, but now that we’ve got those door security cameras running 24/7, we lucked out with this footage taken from a Nest camera in Ruskin.

Another look at the light flash came from a TV reporter down in West Palm Beach. They just happened to be doing a Facebook Live when the meteor stole the show and became the ultimate photo bomb!

NPR says many think it was an asteroid that was expected to come close to Earth traveling at over 18,000 miles per hour. But they think it’s about 1 to 3 million miles away from us. Other astronomers think it’s completely unrelated. [Source: NPR]

Meteors Captured on Film

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