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Tina Turner, Terry Wogan and Elton John.

We love the ’80s and it doesn’t get more ’80s than this video clip. MTV unearthed some rare footage from the after party at the 1985 MTV Video Music Awards.

1985 VMAs After Party | You Had To Be There

The 1985 VMAs After Party in New York City had it all: big hair, brash fashion, and the brightest stars. For more from the 2020 Video Music Awards, go to htt...

David Lee Roth thought Tina Turner’s legs were the best part of the night. Ratt thought that “John Cougar” was great. Joey Ramone, Boy George and Rick James thought Eddie Murphy stole the show. Morris Day liked his own performance best. Beastie Boys said next year they should host. Cher, the Eurythmics, Van (Hagar) Halen, Run DMC and Tampa Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam headliner Lisa Lisa made an appearance at the party too.

Someone found the original unedited version of the awards that year. MTV wasn’t quite as polished as it is today. You see cameras in the shots. The lip sync’ing is blatant. Eddie Murphy is hilarious as host, saying that there were so many big name musicians in attendance that if they were to drop a bomb on the place, Glen Campbell would be the biggest thing in music!

2nd Annual MTV Video Music Awards UNCENSORED (1985)

2nd Annual MTV Video Music Awards in 1985, hosted by Eddie Murphy.Click here to see Eddie Murphy's BEST BITS from this show:

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