Not much aggravates a driver like a pothole. We’ve had a lot of rain this month in Florida and when puddles form in them, drivers can’t see the holes coming. One Floridian didn’t wait for the city to fix it. And although it’s getting laughs, one resident is worried that the joke could be dangerous. Why? Because someone planted a tree in the pothole!

Yes, a banana tree is making drivers do a double take in Fort Myers. Someone stuck it inside a pothole that formed on Honda Drive. The thing is Honda Drive is considered a private street so the county isn’t responsible for fixing it. Property owners have to take care of it. So Bryan Raymond did. His way.

5 Floridian Hurricane Life Hacks

Sure stocking up on supplies like bottled water and a generator is key. But here are some off-the-radar life hacks that listeners gave us to get through the storm.

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