A series of street lights along Roosevelt near St. Pete Airport have the purple color.

In your evening travels, have you come across any street lights that are blue or purple? It’s not meant to be that way. They’re not some kind of upgrade or an energy-saving invention. One Tampa message board user posted they heard using these special lights is to help prevent crime. Not true. And no, the blue lights are not used to determine if you’ve had the vaccine or not. (Seriously, someone said that too.)

As you see from this TV report, the problem isn’t unique to the Tampa area. Or even Florida. The problem is all over. An effort to save energy by converting to LED has sort of backfired. It’s a manufacturing defect.

It’s not the lights that are actually defective. LED lights normally have a blue / violet color. Turns out it’s the covering that has worn off and needs to be replaced. The coating is supposed to turn that blue’ish or purple’ish light to a bright white so you can see better. Any streetlights you see that are blue in color should actually be reported so they can be fixed. A web page is set up on the Tampa Electric site to report lights like this. Copy down the 10 digit number seen on the pole and submit it here.

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