Procrastinating sometimes pays off. If you’ve been playing the Florida Lottery for years and have purposely picked the wrong numbers, smart move! Winning all that money has one big drawback here in Florida… everyone finds out. You have no choice. It looks like that’s about to change.

Fox 13 reports that Florida Democrat Tracie Davis got to work after she read stories in the news about how big money lottery winners were getting targeted after word spread of their winnings. Lottery winners in Florida and Georgia have apparently been KILLED after collecting their money. And it’s not just the democrats on board with this one. In fact the bill passed it’s first hurdle by a vote of 114 to 1 in the House! There’s another bill in the Senate and then it will likely move on to a vote by the full chamber. Finally … something politicians can agree on!

The bill would keep your identity secret for 90 days if you win $250,000 or more with the Florida Lottery. That’s plenty of time to sell your house (which these days might score you another million), pack your bags and buy that remote island where nobody will ever bug you ever again. [Source: Fox 13]

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