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When the Tampa Bay Lightning win, lunch is on them … yes even during the playoffs!  Many Bolts fans take advantage of the free food offers during the regular season, but those deals are good throughout the playoffs too.  From pizza to chicken sandwiches, burgers to burritos, there are lots of fast food offers this year as the Lightning continue their quest for a third consecutive Stanley Cup win.  Promotions do change from time to time.  Visit the Lightning official website for the latest offers.

Tampa Bay Lightning Free Food Promotions For 2022

  • #1: Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwiches

    This is the one I get asked about the most. And yes, it’s back. When the Lightning win a home game, open the Chick-fil-A app about 30 minutes after the final buzzer. You’ll have until midnight to claim a free chicken sandwich or biscuit. You then use your mobile app to get the freebie the next day at most Tampa area Chick-fil-A locations. If you have location services turned off, you may not get the deal because it’s exclusive to Tampa Bay area fans. Also there are times when the freebie doesn’t pop up in those first 30 minutes. If they forget to post the freebie, they usually have it in there the next morning. But they’re never quick unfortunately. You’ll usually have to close and reopen the app a few times until it finally pops up.

  • #2: Culvers Food

    Show your ticket (on your phone) at a Kane’s store within a week of a game where the Lightning scored at least 3 goals. You’ll get a coupon for either a value basket or a concrete mixer. If you didn’t go to the game, you can get the offer at

  • #3: Papa John's Pizza

    Just like when the Rays strike ’em out, you get a half price pizza at Papa John’s when the Lightning win – home or away. The day after a win, use the promo code BOLTSW in their app or on their website to get the deal.


  • #4: Wendy's

    When the Bolts score 4 or more goals or get a shut out, fans can get a free Wendy’s Double Stack burger the next day. This one isn’t in the Wendy’s app, you just have to know to ask for it. You also have to hope the employees know about it. If you need to, just ask for a manager if an employee doesn’t know about the promotion. It’s also not a bad idea to show them a tweet from the Lightning. The team usually posts to Twitter about the free burger during or right after the game.

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