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I had a chance to catch up with 80s chart topper Brenda K. Starr. You definitely remember her Q105 megahit “I Still Believe.” It’s such an iconic ballad, Mariah Carey even covered it in the ’90s. Well now Brenda’s back with a cover of her own. But covering Klymaxx’s 1982 love song “I Miss You” was a personal thing for Brenda. The lyrics are about a lost love, but for Brenda, the loss wasn’t a romantic one. I got a chance to chat with her in Daytona about the significance of the song for her.

The moment she got off stage, my Q105 Saturday Night Dance Party partner in crime DJ Slice and I hunted her down backstage to gush over her incredible performance. Performing in the Florida heat just days after getting over bronchitis didn’t hold her back.

Brenda lost her brother who essentially raised her since her father wasn’t around much. Brenda says her brother always used to put music on in the house and when he heard her sing, he paid for Brenda’s singing lessons and even bought her stage clothes. Sadly, her brother passed away far too young at 51. “I Miss You” was a song they both loved. After his passing, when Brenda heard it on the radio, she called her team to tell them she wants record it. While recording it, a ray of sunlight shined onto the side of her face. She began to cry as she sang. And many in the crowd watching her perform it this week in Daytona did as well.

Coming April 27, 2021

I Miss You Trailer

The song has a soft side but she also has done a dance remix you should check out too! Here is a link to download or stream it!

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