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By a small margin, the most popular way to have your steak prepared is…

Well done! Yes, 24% of those surveyed prefer to have their steak cooked ‘well done’.

Just behind at 23% is ‘medium rare’.

The rest of the results were: 16% said ‘medium well’, 13% picked ‘medium’, 11% like theirs ‘rare’, 2% picked ‘burned’ and 2% said ‘blue rare’, which is VERY rare. 8% of those surveyed don’t eat steak.

Other details in the survey found that the most common way to eat burgers is ‘well done’ by 40% of the responses. 20% like their burgers medium well, 17% like them cooked ‘medium’, 12% said medium rare and 2% want their burger ‘rare’.

Click here for these and some silly stats from YouGov.