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A mother and daughter have been the subject of a continuing search by law enforcement. There has been new information released.

According to St. Petersburg Police, early Thursday morning Angela and Alexis Jolley loaded their car and made a withdrawal from a bank ATM, during which they were caught on the machine’s camera. They were later seen on camera in their Toyota Camry outside of Valdosta, Georgia. Their car was seen hours later in Alabama, and then in Columbus, Mississippi. Their car was on a path toward Memphis, Tennessee. This had to be done by detectives contacting agency after agency to search through camera images.

St. Pete Police are hoping to get a call from someone who knows their whereabouts at 727-893-7780. The mother and daughter were planning on taking a flight from Tampa to Maine, but they did not appear for the flight.

According to a press briefing from Detective Kevin Haemmelmann, the last time the car was spotted was Saturday morning near Memphis. The detective noted the mother and daughter are adults and are allowed to go anyplace they’d like. His message to the Jolleys:

We are not looking to bring you back. We are not looking to tell anybody where. What I need you to do if you are out there is to call me and tell me you are ok so we can stop searching.

St. Petersburg Police Department

UPDATE ON MISSING PERSONS CASE SPPD detectives are still looking ... for 19- year-old Alexis and 46- year-old Angela Jolley of St. Petersburg. At this time, detectives have no reason to believe the mother and daughter have been harmed. However, Angela never showed up for work at 6:30 AM on Thursday July 23rd and her supervisor was very concerned.

[Source: SPPD]

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